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About Blackness Primary School

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Blackness Primary School provides staff, pupils and families with experiences that promote learning, interest and enjoyment. This is done through partnership between home and school whilst drawing on wider expertise and resources. We operate on a level of mutual respect, with the understanding that “Everyone Here Matters” We develop our community through supported challenge and a wide range of opportunities and experiences.


Blackness Primary School is situated in the Hawkhill area of Dundee within a fairly extensive catchment area. Our pupils are actively encouraged to walk and take the bus to school, where practical and possible, to promote a healthy and envirnomentally sound attitude.

Within the school everyone at Blackness is expected to show a high level of respect for others. There is a mutual respect between pupils and staff at Blackness. This is fostered by staff encouraging and modelling courteous behaviour at all times and challenging any lack of respect for others.

Our school has three main guidelines which we expect our young people to learn and work within. These guidelines are designed to prepare our pupils for independent and interdependent living.

In our school

  • We always show kindness and consideration to everyone.
  • We will help to keep everyone safe.
  • We will do as requested by an adult in school


These general rules underpin the caring and inclusive ethos which is created in Blackness by both staff and pupils.




26th August 2014



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