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Sky Academy

On Tuesday 13th February, Primary 7 visited Sky Academy in Livingstone.  Before we went, we were split into four groups depending on the role we had.  There were eight different roles: camera operator, scriptwriter, producer, eyewitness, reporter, editor and director.  All of the Primary 7s really enjoyed the trip!  Once in our four groups we then came up with our team’s scene.  Team one was working with the presenters, team two worked with the reporter, team three was working with the eyewitness and team four was working with the experts. 

After all our scenes were put together, the end result was ready to be seen.  We were delighted that we were given a pen drive with the whole news report!  We are all very glad that we had this opportunity because it is so rare to get a space in Sky Academy!  Lexie & Freya, P7


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