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Perfect Pupil Pumpkins

Primary 7 pupils were given the opportunity to take part in a competition run by the Apex Hotel in Dundee. Pupils were each given a pumpkin by the hotel and were asked to submit it, carved and decorated, to be displayed in the foyer of the building at City Quay. The pupils rose to the challenge and pumpkins were returned sporting wicked grins, evil stares and haunting lights.

Going for the more tradition route, many of the pumpkins came carved, using the carving alone to create the design. Others, however, used some less conventional methods to decorate their gourds, including cocktail sticks and LED lights.

The winning pumpkins were created by Zainab Rizwan (3rd), Reinards Strouds(2nd) and Xanthe Brewster-Black (1st).

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