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Journey to Improve

We have been working hard at Blackness to ensure all our hard work as a school, improving attainment and the quality of input that all pupils at the school receive whilst in our care, is clearly displayed throughout the school.

A new TV/AV system has been installed in the lower hall to allow parents carers and other visitors to see current initiatives, classroom displays and work that is being completed by our staff and pupils. Hanging on the wall in the middle hall is our "Journey to Improve" train which shows the elements of our School Improvement Plan (rewritten by the pupils to increase their understanding) with links and eventually pictures to evidence the great work being curently undertaken in the school.

QR codes are displayed, linking to our website, evidencing how the school is meeting the targets we have set ourselves. To acces these a QR code reader app can be installed on your phone or tablet (e.g.

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