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School Show

Once again this December, it was time for the annual school show which, this year, told the story of Dick Whittington and his Cat.  Pupils from Primaries 5-7 have spent a lot of time this term learning the songs, both during lunchtimes and at home, as well as learning lines and choreography.  We asked some of the cast about their experiences of being in the show.  James Coull (P7) said, “I really enjoyed it, I would definitely do it again because it was fun and it helped me with speaking in front of an audience.”


Jess Anderson (P6) who played Puss told us, “it was fun, but I was kind of nervous because there were a lot of people watching, but I think I did really well.”  Hannah Gibson (P7) who played the Queen said, “ I enjoyed it and would do it again because it was a great experience.


It got me out of my comfort zone and helped build my confidence.  Evie Young (P7/6) told us, “ I enjoyed it and it was fun.  I really liked having a bigger part with speaking and solo singing.  I was a bit nervous but when I was on stage I just pretended that I was on my own.”  We are really proud of the effort that the entire cast put into our production this year to make it what it was, and we would like to extend our thanks to all those who purchased tickets and came along to support the show.

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